Linking MKL issue in window 11

How do I use this algorithm? What does that parameter do?
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Linking MKL issue in window 11

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I have installed TeNPy successfully on my laptop via conda install --channel=conda-forge physics-tenpy . But tenpy is not compiling with mkl (see the attachment). I also have tried it by using the instructions of the section Quick-setup of a development environment with conda but the similar message like not compiled is returned when I run tenpy.show_config(). Please help me out to resolve it.

Many thanks!
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Re: Linking MKL issue in window 11

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Looks like it's installed correctly, even if HAVE_MKL was not set on compile time. It's able to load the compiled parts, so no need to worry, all good!

If TeNPy is compiled without HAVE_MKL, it falls back to the BLAS functioncs of numpy and scipy, and as fas as I know, numpy+scipy on Windows actually always use MKL when installed with conda. So actually, I'm pretty sure you're using MKL under the hood, even if not compiled with HAVE_MKL.
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