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Forum rules

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This forum is meant to be a community place for both the users and developers of the Tensor Network Python (TeNPy) package.
The source code of this package is available on github. The official documentation (generated from the latest source code) has also a user-guide section with some tutorials, which is a good place to get started if you're new to TeNPy.

Needless to say that the official documentation is the first thing to look at if you want to know how to use algorithm X to calculate Y. But despite our (=the developers) effort to keep the documentation complete, you will sooner or later have some questions or encounter problems. Please refrain from writing personal emails or messages asking for help, but simply post your questions in this forum under the support category.

If you're unsure where to post, simply create a new topic in in the "HowTo" section.

The rules for posting questions (and answers) are the obvious ones:
  • Before posting a question, make a quick search to check if someone else had the exact same problem and already got an answer.
  • Stay polite and constructive.
  • If it might help to describe the problem or solution, include minimalistic code examples or snippets and possibly a traceback, using the [code],[python],[inline] blocks in the editor.
  • Formulas get rendered with MathJax, simply use [latex],[latex-disp] blocks.
We also use this forum to make official announcements, e.g. about releases of a new version, or critical bugs, which might have lead to wrong results in your code. If you want to be notified by email, subscribe to the corresponding forums under the announcements category (the link for that is at the very bottom of the page if you display the forum categories) and activate the sending of emails in your "User Control Panel"->"Board preferences"->"Edit notification options".

Finally, you're also welcome to contribute to the development of the package. If you're not sure what to do or what's the best way to do it, simply ask in one of the forums in the development category ;-)
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