Release v0.6.0 and v0.6.1

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Release v0.6.0 and v0.6.1

Post by Johannes »

Version 0.6.0 and 0.6.1 have been released.

Before updating, please read at least the section incompatible changes of the changelog.

Most important changes
  • The release of v0.6.0 contains a major update of the documentation, which is now hosted by "Read the Docs" at If you didn't already, it's now time to update your bookmark.
  • Apart from that, this release introduces a format how to save and load data (in particular TeNPy classes) to HDF5 files.
    See this introduction for more details.
    To use that feature, you need to install the h5py package (and therefore some version of the HDF5 library).
    This is easy with anaconda, conda install h5py, but might be cumbersome on your local computing cluster.
    If you install TeNPy with conda as described below, this is automatically done.
    Also, many university computing clusters have some version of HDF5 installed already; check with your local sysadmin.
  • Moreover, we changed how we read out parameter dictionaries - instead of the get_parameter() function,
    we have now a class which behaves like a dictionary, you can simpy use
    options.get(key, default) for model parameters - as you would do for a python dictionary.
  • The release v0.6.1 contains only a minor fix that were necessary to allow installation with the conda package manager as described below.
It is now supported to install TeNPy with the conda package manager via

Code: Select all

conda install --channel=conda-forge physics-tenpy
More details in the installation instructions.

I'd recommend an installation with conda or pip if you do not intend to modify the source files of TeNPy at any point.
More information can be found in the Installation instructions.
See also the section on updating an exisisting installation.

Happy updating ;)
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