Write MPS/MPO to disk or increase RAM?

How do I use this algorithm? What does that parameter do?
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Write MPS/MPO to disk or increase RAM?

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I am simulating a fermionic model on a cylinder. Everything is working well, except that I need to simulate a quiet large system (20x4 unit cells, and each unit cell composed of two sites).

In order to achieve convergence I need a bond dimension of ~3000-5000, which is not achievable with the resources that I currently have (64GB of RAM divided in several cores).

Is it possible to store the MPS/MPO to disk in order to save memory? I have seen the related topic for the case of the MPO (viewtopic.php?f=7&t=55), but would it be much more work for the MPS also?

Alternatively, any hints or flavour whether incrementing the RAM memory would suffice, or it is not feasible to simulate such a 2D system without a write-to-disk functionality?

Thanks a lot!
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