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Bug in PurificationApplyMPO for a 2-d honeycomb lattice model

Posted: 10 Jun 2021, 21:25
by shaktiman
Dear Tenpy developers

I was playing around with purification method for Finite temperature on a 2-d lattice Kitaev Honeycomb model.
I tried following checks for my model.

1.) I checked the energy of model at infinite temperature which comes out to be zero, which is correct also(as trace of hamiltonian is zero).
2.) But at small \beta ~ 10^{-3} or even smaller \beta, energy of my model does not match with ED result.
3.) If I change the coupling one particular bond (\sigma_z*sigma_z) lying on z bond of honeycomb lattice to any value, I see no change in <E(beta=10^{-3})> (energy of model).
It looks to me there is a bug in PurificationApplyMPO.

Please let me know.